Despite popular belief, Bitcoin has never been entirely anonymous, and one of the easiest and most effective ways to combat the possibility of tracking a user’s personal data is to use a reliable Bitcoin mixer – an online service for mixing and cleaning coins. Here is more about it. 

Reasons to “clean” your coins

Bitcoin’s popularity is understandable: it is independent, protected from inflation, less susceptible to exchange rate fluctuations, has no limits or restrictions on the amount of exchange and the time of the transaction, and has a high speed of operations. If we add to this excellent prospect for growth, it becomes obvious why cryptocurrency is considered one of the most reliable financial instruments. Today, more and more people worldwide are choosing cryptocurrency. The only disadvantage of Bitcoins and Altcoins is their conditional anonymity and vulnerability to tracking. The easiest way out for BTC owners who want to make transactions completely confidential is to use Bitcoin mixers. These services “mix” coins in pools before sending them to recipients. This process makes identifying the sender, transaction amount, and recipient difficult.

How does the mixing work? 

Bitcoin mixer is a platform designed for grinding and mixing cryptocurrency funds to ensure complete anonymity of transactions. By using the tools of a well-established service like YoMix, the likelihood that the identity of the recipients of Bitcoins will be tracked and established is reduced to zero.

The process of Bitcoin mixing works as follows: the user transfers coins to the anonymization service of his choice, after which the coins are placed in a common “repository,” mixed with the stock available on the service. After this, new “clean” coins are sent to the user’s address. Further withdrawal of processed digital money from the system to an electronic wallet is accompanied by an encrypted web protocol, eliminating the risk of interception of BTC during its transfer.

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